Business for Calderdale Announcement (September 2020)

I hope that this update finds you well.

It has certainly been a different and somewhat difficult year to date. I hope that you and your business have found appropriate ways to cope and deal with the change in circumstances.

In December last year, I announced details for the future direction of Business for Calderdale, reducing the number of meetings to two or three intended bigger events throughout the year and the removal of membership to open Business for Calderdale to all businesses operating in the borough.

Obviously, COVID-19 and the impact of lockdown has materially affected the Committee’s plans for 2020. We have however continued to regularly “meet” as a committee and to continue our plans for the future.

The Committee has concluded that it is unrealistic now to be able to plan any kind of event where we can gather together until the next calendar year, which it is to be hoped brings a material change in circumstances for all of us. Our initial meeting for 2020 was intended to be an event run in conjunction with the Community Foundation for Calderdale, supported by the Lord Lieutenant for West Yorkshire, to promote the merits of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. We had lined up an afternoon event at the Arches at Dean Clough, with exhibitors from many of our Calderdale businesses and presentations from business leaders who have previously received the Queen’s Award.

We are hoping that we will be able to hold this event now in May 2021 and once details are known these will be publicised.

In the meantime, as we enter the autumn and winter of this strangest of years, we are conscious of the fact that many of our local businesses are striving to do what they can to keep going. We feel now is an appropriate time to offer some other forms of event and would welcome input from everyone as to whether either of the following would be of interest. It is likely the event would take place sometime in November:

  • Virtual quiz (whether for individuals or company teams)
  • Virtual social event (bring your own drink!) where each participant has an opportunity to say how lockdown has affected their business, and what steps have been taken to work through the pandemic
  • Virtual seminar – topic to be decided

Even arranging a remote event takes time and effort and before we arrange anything are keen to know if any of these proposals are of interest. Please do therefore indicate if you would be interested, and if so in which, by emailing me at preferably by 30th September.


Meanwhile, I wish you continued good health and prosperity.

Nick Worsnop




Business for Calderdale Announcement (Dec 2019)

BfC held its last event of the year in November at Cinnamon at the Mill.

The Committee has been considering the future of the organisation for the past few months. BfC has been running for some 12 years and has been extremely successful, but the Committee has been conscious for some time that a revamp was required. For reasons unknown, membership has declined over the last two years and the numbers attending events have often fluctuated.

The Committee believe that BfC is still very relevant and has a role to play in Calderdale for businesses and professionals alike. The organisation has never been purely for networking, that has always been its by-product. BfC was originally created, and designed, to promote the many businesses within Calderdale, to give them a voice amongst the business community and to showcase how diverse and vibrant business is in Halifax and the Calder valley.

The Committee has resolved that we should return to this ethos. The format of meeting once a month at the same time has perhaps grown a little stale and led to a slow decline in members. The Committee has also found it a challenge to continue to source and plan events each and every month and keep them relevant.

As such, the Committee has decided to turn BfC from a membership organisation, with the additional administration and time that involves, to being one that is open to all businesses and business professionals to attend. It has also decided to reduce the number of events to three or four a year, meeting in spring, early summer and autumn, different dates and times dependent upon the nature of the meeting. This will enable the committee to devote more time to planning events, with the intention of making them bigger and better and which will hopefully increase their popularity. There may be a small charge for events depending upon the venue and content, but the initial intention is that events should be free.

As membership will cease, the Committee will not have the funds to continue to promote and operate as in the past. The Committee intend to use social media and word of mouth to promote events, and as such ask that all past supporters of BfC assist in this by spreading the word about future events to contacts and colleagues.

The likely date of the first event will be in March, when we hope to host at the Victoria Theatre and have a number of speakers talking about promotion of Calderdale as a venue. Further details will follow in the new year.

The Committee would like to thank all of you who have supported BfC over the years and hope that you will continue to do so as we move forward into 2020.

Nick Worsnop
2nd December 2019